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Melissa Montoya

California Co-Chair

State Leadership

As a wee little one I was not told about the gods. It was not until later that I was informed of these magical creatures and their stories. I investigated the claims and found them wanting in irreconcilable ways and struggled to find my place for some time and one day came to the realization that I am an atheist... I had heard so very much about these horrible people that I did not accept it for some time but after my fight with cancer and radiation and the drama and pain that goes along with it I felt compelled to embrace it and allow MYSELF to be happy with who I am. I am currently an active member of the "Antelope Valley Freethinkers" a registered 501 c4 in my area. I owned a state licensed child care before moving to Palmdale, and now work at both the West Side Union School District and the DOE through the Clean Cities Program. I am mechanically inclined and have produced things from syo candles to graphic design in my spare time. I like sewing cloth bags out of 100% post consumer waist and donating them to folks in my area to help offset the use of petrol chemicals in the area. I ran for state senate in 2010 against Sharron Runner as a write in and was pulled from the race DAYS befor the final count so those that DID vote for me were denied a voice at all due to archaic registration issues. I plan on running for president in 2016 or when I am ready if this IS too soon for me. I have always been a decline to state voter as none of the major parties fit the bill for me. I am NOT a speciesist and support many environmental cause as well as permaculture, solar and wind tech and the drive to eliminate personal combustion as a form of transportation. So if you want green info or recorces I'm your 'man'? I am an orphan but have one surviving parent that simply wishes not to be a part of my life or my children's lives and I am OKAY with this, so please keep your sympathy to yourself unless YOU need comforting and then please let me know as this is another thing I am good for.