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Ryan McCue

Acting Vice President of Outreach

Executive Board ยท Outreach

I am a life long agnostic atheist and an early generation X'er (for whatever that may mean to some). I am the proverbial "jack of all trades" with a work history in everything from music performance and education to managing restaurants with years of food service sales and marketing with companies such as Sysco Food Service and Performance Food group in-between. With multiple ranks in differing martial arts (including being an instructor for years), employment in the Dept. of Corrections as well as counseling at-risk-youth in wilderness programs in Northern New England, current employment in human services with disabled clientele and coaching Special Olympics, I bring a strong level of personal integrity, respect and honesty everywhere I go. My main focus with the NAP is in recruiting those who are secular. I fully support Thomas Jefferson's "Wall of Separation", as well as a majority of the NAP platform, and try to find common political ground in which to communicate with theists in a respectful and public manner. My hope is that the USA may improve it's current situation in multiple areas without having to deal with the divisive nature of religion which should remain personal. This should be a non-issue given the Establishment Clause and the multiple Supreme Court decisions(and founding fathers' statements) on the subject! This is a great country, with untold potential, and we as Americans, cannot let our nation fall to ignorance and/or personal religious beliefs, among other issues, which currently plague the USA. Our Constitution protects both sides from each other, yet we are faced with religious-based legislation in multiple states every single day which deters our congress from dealing with real issues. It will take a vote from each and everyone of us to change the current trends in our country. Please vote responsibly in November! Remember 2012 is the Year of Reason! ~The highest form of patriotism is dissent!~