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Jacob Kramer

Assistant SCL of Illinois

State Leadership

I am a high school English teacher who has taught in an underfunded rural public school and a wealthy Chicago suburb public school. I am just finishing my Masters in Curriculum Development with a specialization in technology. My focus has been on digital citizenship. I have also worked in the social services field for a number of years as a case manager and for adults with disabilities. So, I have a great amount of experiences with issues related to social services and funding for the disabled. I am the child of a coal miner and a road crew worker, so matters of labor are a great concern to me. My atheist Activism has been going strong since the middle of last year. I am currently an admin of the 26,000+ Atheist FB page and a founding member of the associated non-profit web magazine and advocacy organization Support Atheism. Check it out at We have already reached out and helped a number of atheists in significant and tangible ways, and we hope to expand and bring in more compassionate and talented people to our organization. I am a politically active person, I donate, have all my state and federal representatives’ phone numbers in my phone and call them to voice my concerns on bills I find important. I vote and stay informed on current events especially in matters of education and healthcare. It is great to be here with others who wish to effect positive change and present atheists in a favorable light in the political arena.