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Attack of the Theocrats
attack of the theocrats


Sean Faircloth does a great job of explaining what the Religious Right has done to this country and what we can do about reversing course.


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Psycho Bible
psycho bible


Armando Favazza gives us a thought-provoking read and a better understanding of the foundations of society’s different belief systems.

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Candidate Without a Prayer
candidate without a prayer


Herb Silverman details his deeply personal life journey through America’s most religious region. It is a book about his reflections and warm insight about activism in American politics as a Jewish Atheist.

Order Candidate Without a Prayer Hardback @ $20.00
Why Are You Atheists So Angry?
why are you atheists so angry


Greta Christina nails it on head with this publication! She details all the legitimate reasons why atheists are so angry in the face of religion and the religious, and she does it with a keen sense of humor.

Order Why Are You Atheists So Angry? Paperback @ $12.00
Why We Believe in God(s)
why we believe in god(s)


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