President’s Address – Coming Together

The Reason Rally 2012

There is power in unity.

American Atheists, the Secular Coalition, the Secular Student Alliance and the Freedom from Religion Foundation are wonderful organizations and I am a member or supporter of all of them. David Silverman and I have spoken about the differences between our two organizations, and why there is a need for both. AA is an advocacy group, their “mission” as it were, is to appeal to the theist population and directly refute theism, while gathering the financial and activist support of atheists. That is not the mission of the National Atheist Party.

Our mission is not to advocate atheism, but to give atheists a voice in politics. No other party openly supports and represents atheists. We are unwanted in every party, including the supposedly liberal Democratic Party. Every Presidential candidate in history has professed a belief, whether true or not, in a deity. Our mission is to work for the day when theism is NOT an element of candidacy. Also, the NAP welcomes secularists of ANY belief system. From a political standpoint, it isn’t important or germane whether or not a member individually believes in God, Yahweh, Allah or prays to a potted plant. What’s important is that religion be held separate from governance.

Unfortunately, the U.S. is currently seeing a sweeping movement devoted to tearing down the wall of separation between church and state. The Republican Party has evolved into a DE FACTO Christian party, with millions of members and concomitant hundreds of millions of dollars. We may be a small voice opposed to dominionism and theocracy, but so far, we’re also the ONLY one. I have not heard any representatives of the other major and minor political parties condemning the Republicans for embracing fundamentalism and theocracy, but they should.

I have heard much divisive talk within the atheist community that troubles me. This organization doesn’t support that organization, or this organization is unnecessary because it mirrors the work of that one, or one is redundant if the other exists. This is nonsense. I support the notion of cross-pollination. ALL of our organizations attack the problem from a different angle, with a slightly different goal. In my mind, every single member of our party should also be a member of each of those organizations I mentioned, among others, and every single member of those organizations should be registered members of the National Atheist Party. It is CRITICAL that we set aside whatever small differences we may have to come together as a body politic, so that we can raise a mighty shout and declare our right to be heard as voters and citizens.

Troy Boyle


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