The NAP Wants to Feature You!

The National Atheist Party’s PR committee is creating a three minute video to be shared throughout the internet in order to provide a brief explanation of the NAP. We hope to include the voices and images of many NAP members as a portion of the video.






1.  Film yourself answering one or more of the three following questions:
  • Why am I a member of the National Atheist Party?
  • Why is the National Atheist Party needed right now in America?
  • Why should the name be National “ATHEIST” Party instead of other alternatives?

2.  Videos recorded in 1080 p  HD will be preferred, but we will review submissions in 720 p.

  • Do your best  to provide adequate lighting, an uncluttered background, and clear audio

3.  Upon completion, please contact Lee Moore at to arrange for upload to his FTP server.

Videos may also be uploaded to YouTube and posted in your state’s chapter  or on the NAP’s Facebook page.   Doing so may lead to your video being linked and featured on the NAP’s  YouTube account.


Lee Moore
PR and Marketing Director
National Atheist Party


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