Troy Boyle

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Former President, Co-Founder of the NAP


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I am a Community Outreach Counselor for AmeriCorps, and a Senior Paralegal with 11 years of experience in Corporate Law and Family Law. (Unemployed at the time of his resignation)

I am currently in school at Concord Law School, in my second (2L) year. I will have received my Juris Doctor in 2014. I have a BA in Law from American Military University, an AA in Liberal Studies with a Certificate in Paralegal Studies from American Military University and an AA in Commercial Art from Gateway College in Northern Kentucky.

I was also a professional comic book artist. I have worked for Magnetic Ink, Caliber Comics, Image Comics, Desperado, Transfuzion, JGM Comics, Dimestore Comics and Main Enterprises. Most of my work in comics was with pin-ups and cover art only.

My political experience is varied. In High School, I was a Boys’ State delegate and a KY Governor’s Scholar. Between getting my first and second degrees, I worked for Greenpeace International as the regional manager of the Cincinnati office. I have coordinated the activities of up sixty (60) canvassers and activists on environmental issues and was the primary liaison to Washington D.C. for the Global Climate Change campaign.

I am a lifelong Atheist, and have never been “closeted.”

*Troy Boyle resigned from the NAP March 2012 for personal reasons.


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