Welcome to All New National Atheist Party Members!


Since the article from Religious News went out on the wire, and was picked up by the Washington Post, Huffington Post, USA Today and others, our membership has literally exploded! It has been AMAZING!!

We want you to know how amazed and pleased we are to see you here. We are all working hard to make this the best 527 political organization ever seen in the American political landscape!


All you new members, make sure that you’ve visited the website first and filled out the NAP registration. Once that’s done, click on the State’s link to find your Facebook link to your state.

There has been tremendous amount of interest in wanting to help the NAP. THIS is wonderful to see, but please be patient with us, we are trying very hard to keep up with all the new interest in volunteer and leadership positions! This will take some time with the volume we are seeing, but rest assured we will get back to you as soon as we can about ways that you can be involved. We WANT you to be involved and look forward to talking to each and every one of you!


If you wish to introduce a new platform issue, or any major issue you have to a poll on the main page with a greater than 66% approval to add the issue for formal voting by March 1st.

Following that, a FORMAL poll among the voting membership will be held on 3/11/12 on an e-mail invite only basis.
Anyone can announce their candidacy BEFORE March 1 by formal announcement on the main page as well as notifying the current secretary, Brandon Chadock at Brandon.Chadock@usanap.org.  Only voting members may run for office. A compiled list of candidates will be voted on also on 3/11/12.

Executive Board positions include:

Vice President of Administration
Vice President of Outreach

Current candidates include: 

Jacob Kramer running for the office of Vice President of Outreach
Troy Boyle running for office of President


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