When was the party formed, and by whom?

Troy Boyle and Mark Smith originated the idea for a party which they originally termed the Freethought Party. They began with a few other like-minded individuals with online discussions. After deliberation and discussion, they decided that the moniker “Freethought” was not an honest or meaningful representation of what they hoped to achieve. Many other members argued heatedly that “Freethought or Secular Party” were dishonest, vague, and weakly accommodating.  The official founding of the party was March 11, 2011.

In approximately a month after this decision, Jacob Kramer came aboard as an Education advisor serving on the Advisory Council and as functioning secretary. Susi Bocks came along shortly thereafter to take over the role as Advisory Council secretary and then Deputy Administrative Vice President. A short time later Bernie “Flash” Kellish joined the board as Treasurer. Upon the resignation of Mark Smith, due to personal health issues, Troy Boyle became President, Jacob Kramer became Vice President of Outreach and Susi Bocks became acting Vice President of Administration.