Why does this party have liberal or libertarian ideas, which some might say have absolutely nothing to do with the atheist identity?

We seek to represent the atheist demographic. We invite and seek any and every atheist or secular advocate to have his or her say and vote on the platform. Our membership voted for the positions on the platform and approval of the Party’s principles through a democratic consensus. The purpose of this organization is to articulate and support the consensus of this sizable voting bloc.

If a person feels they have stronger evidence or argument for differing policy, he or she may support a platform revision that will be coupled with officer elections in March or other membership votes. Anyone unable to accept democratically adopted decisions, will unlikely be happy in any party or political organization that votes on anything.

Just because a person might not agree with everything the democrats have on their platform and you value democracy doesn’t mean you should feel alienated. Just because you might not agree with much of the Libertarian party doesn’t mean you should feel disenfrachised because you value civil liberties. Just because you might not be a “colored person” doesn’t mean you won’t support the goals of the NAACP. Further, it is rare that anyone who affiliates with any party or political organization, such as a 527 that the NAP currently is, will agree with every single aspect of a platform or actions of that group.

There are aspects of the platform I would change, but I am content that I largely support the platform, strongly support atheists exerting political pressure and not being vilified, and am able to accept the consensus view and not expect everyone to share the same views or conclusions I do. Voting and polling clearly demonstrates that a common approach to reality and evidenced based conclusions leads to agreement on a gamut of other issues. We feel it would be foolhardy to not try and determine what this consensus is and seek that it is voiced openly and honestly in the political sphere where the atheist demographic is not represented.