Why is this “The National Atheist Party” instead of “Secular” or “Freethought?” I believe in the First Amendment but I’m not an atheist, do I belong here?

We are the “Atheist” party for several reasons, and each member may have varying personal reasons for why the chosen voted upon name is or is not justified.

  1. Atheist is the demographic of the National Atheist Party’s founders and of the voting bloc the National Atheist Party most actively seeks to engage and empower.
  2. There is a bad connotation to the word “atheist”. We want to re-claim the word and make it a positive connotation. Much like the African-American activists of the 50s did with “negro.” They don’t use it now, but it was a necessary first step.
  3. Humanist and Secularist are terms that the public doesn’t understand very well; there is not an immediate understanding that we share a belief that gods, do not exist. Those that will be critical or malign us don’t call Secularists, secularists. When 80% of the population calls you an atheist, you do not empower yourself by adopting what you hope to be a less castigated term, in the hopes of escaping the stigma or placating others by manipulating vague qualifiers.